The i-CAT™ Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System provides high-definition, in-office, three-dimensional, digital imaging at reduced cost and less radiation to the patient than traditional CT scans, facilitating rapid, simple image acquisition.

The scan will be supplied on CD complete with the i-CAT Vision software as standard. The enhanced Simplant software is available at a small additional charge.

Patients are comfortably seated upright within the scanner making it suitable for claustrophobic patients and those with mobility problems.

Why cone beam dental CT scan and what are the benefits?

All over the world cone beam scans are becoming the standard of care. Indeed, in more and more countries, dental CT scans are a legal obligation prior to dental implant placing. In some countries the surgeons insurance companies insist on CT for accuracy and safety; an obligation that has seen patients claims fall by more than 200%.

The amount of information given in a single CBCT scan is amazing: about 500% more than conventional scanning methods, bringing new standards to the profession.

Cone beam scan benefits

o easy-to-see mandibular canal (98% of the time you will see it clearly; guaranteed)
o full bone assessment width, height (also bone density in i-CAT Vision)
o accurate (up to 0.1mm) and 1:1 ratio images
o measure, view and manipulate any area in the scanned place in 3d x-ray
o actual 3D images of the scanned area
o low dose CT scan (equivalent to two OPG scans)
o saves treatment time and chair time owing to fast diagnostics
o added procedure safety, patient’s safety and legal risk
o complete anatomical views: cross sections, axial slices, panoramic, Cefh and 3D

What are the benefits of referring your patients to an independent imaging centre?

o no waiting time
o fast appointment (15 minutes max, guaranteed)
o fast turnaround (48 hours for our formats five working days for SimPlant conversions)
o personal service
o the latest equipment
o lowest price in UK
o our staff are experts on delivering the best possible results from your patient scan in any preferred format
o we are constantly monitoring and upgrading our services for the best possible service for you and your patients
o we are centrally-located: five minutes’ walk from 2 different tube stations See our Location

A "useful marketing tool" to demonstrate the treatment plan to the patient?

At CT Scan London we supply CT scan software free of charge with every CT scan. This software allows you to view, plan, measure, manipulate, print reports, create duplicates (for colleagues/patients) and, most important, show the actual treatment and assessments to your patients on your computer screen with all of his images and 3D images. The patient will understand the entire procedure and cannot fail to be impressed by the technology and your detailed assessment

If you are considering using CT scans for your patients, but have some questions, please feel free to contact our helpful staff for advice or call us on 020 74499 888.