Can I add a ‘handling fee’ onto the cost of a scan?

Inside our referral form you will be asked to choose whether we should invoice the patient or the dentist. When you choose ‘invoice dentist’ we will send an invoice to you. You then charge your fee to your patients to include your scan diagnostics fee according to the patient’s treatment.

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Please note: i-CAT vision is supplied FREE OF CHARGE to enable dentists to see scan results

Different Formats and Prices Available

i CAT Vision Benefits:

o Free
o Auto loading – installs itself!
o Easy to use
o Real time manipulation of images
o Visual chairside tool providing effective communication to the patient
o Facilitates effective treatment planning!

i-CAT Vision Features:

o Interactive measurement of all images for surgical implant treatment planning
o Multiple customizable visual display modes available including:
o Axial
o Panoramic
o Cross-sectional

Extra reasons for using i-CAT Vision:

24 hour turnaround for i-Vision scan
Cheaper than other formats (no conversions fees)

1 jaw £ 200.00

Both Jaws £250.00

We use IDT (Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd) - a medical image processing company specialising in CT scan images. Based on data from a CT scan (which can be arranged through Image Diagnostic Technology Ltd SimPlant provides much much more information than printed film.

You can assess the bone height, width and quality and have a computer-fabricated drill guide made that will direct your drill to the predetermined implant site. The technology is here now, it is clinically validated and it is cost effective.

SimPlant is a comprehensive software tool to accurately plan the placement of dental implants. Originally developed almost 10 years ago, SimPlant benefits from a wealth of experience and continued development.

SimPlant has kept pace with the continued increase in "standard" computer power. The latest version allows you to explore the anatomy and place virtual implants in an interactive 3D representation of the patient's bony structure. This in turn allows intuitive implant placement and assessment of the emergence profile from all angles.

Simplant One Shot

This "pay as you go" version of "Simplant Planner" is a commitment-free option for specialists who see fewer than 5 surgical planning cases per year.

SimPlant OneShot (additional fee per SimPlant case) £200.00

Simplant Planner

This is the most cost effective option for specialists who see more than 5 surgical planning cases per year. It's 3D imaging features make it perfect for specialists who utilize pre-surgical planning to build a successful practice.

SimPlant Planner:

1 jaw £ 295.00

Both Jaws £410.00

Simplant Advanced

SimPlant Advanced:

1 jaw £ 475.00

Both Jaws £630.00

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